Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ok, who taught my son Judo?

because you can expect to receive a sternly worded letter from me.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

July in Review - Food and Exercise

The last month has been all about food for The MVP.

On the plus side, we've introduced solid food and he's taken to it like, well, like someone who hasn't eaten real food in six months.  We were planning to skip purees and go straight to finger foods, but he likes purees so much that we're doing both.

On the downside, due to some ongoing issues with hives and rashes the docs ordered an allergy test for the MVP.  The results - he's allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, and wheat.  That is a crazy combination.  Anything that doesn't have wheat has eggs.  Anything that doesn't have eggs has dairy.  V-Train been trying to avoid all of those, but it's been pretty tough.  No improvement yet, so the docs think he's reacting to something as yet unidentified.

We've also been going to physical therapy appointments and he's been making rapid progress.  He's just about on the move (see video below) so we're furiously childproofing the house.

Finally, V-Train went back to work on July 21, so MVP has started daycare.  He's in a backup daycare and I'm covering a few days a week as a stay at home dad, until his regular daycare starts in  September. So far, it seems like things are going reasonably well, but we're all still a bit nervous.

It seems like time is scarcer than ever, but we'll try not to go a month before the next post.

He's chompin broccoli

Broccoli accomplished!

Upside down -- the new favorite position

Swim team game faces

Catching the wave

Post-swim prune feet

Sweet potato is teh awesome!!111!

Canteloup - GRRRR!

On the field of the Rose Bowl

Loving the mango

Who me?

July in Two and a Half Minutes