Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Better late than never...

Plus this photo is too good not to share. The "scared straight" expression  you see on  VIP's face pretty much stayed the whole night; I'm pretty sure he's going to have a lifetime of recurring nightmares of his dad in a blonde wig.

Superheroes was the theme among MVP's gang this year - shocking!  Amazingly none of the kids had duplicate costumes.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014: The year blogging makes a comeback!

Has it really been nearly a year since our last blog post?  I'd like to say it was a strategic decision to withhold all the amazing, interesting goings on in our lives - in an effort to lure all of you to come visit us in person.  But 1) if it was true, then it was a really foolish strategy because the only visitors we've had are the local high school baseball team selling us an overpriced Christmas tree that they forgot to deliver and 2) Andres & I haven't had a single non-kid related conversation in a year so there would have been no time for us to do any plotting. 

And here you go - some random photos and thoughts...enjoy!

The brainwashing has worked; MVP is a Trojan for life.  Those USC gloves become a second skin.  The only reason he hasn't worn them recently is because the weather gods have deemed it summer time in Los Angeles.

I've been feeling pretty guilty about the lack of attention baby #2 gets.  I, mean, the most common question in our house is "Where's VIP"?  So this past weekend, we actually did an activity just for VIP.  The kid drums everything, which frequently involves a drumstick to my head, so I figure might as well take him to the motherload...he thoroughly enjoyed his 1st drum circle.  I really hope it's not his last.  We have every intention of taking him again.  But well, we also had every intention of keeping this blog updated in 2013...

And like the rest of America, MVP wants to know, What does fox say?

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Baby Vivandres - Here We Go Again

And then there were four.

Introducing a very exhausted VIP, resting after kicking his way out Chuck Norris style.
Though we are a little more experienced in the ways of birthing babies, this time started out similar to last time with a doctor telling us we had to deliver early for the safety of the baby.  We decided to push it to the last possible minute (Friday night), so we had a day to do the really important things, like putting together a hospital bag, and taking a family trip to Travel Town.

MVP still has Mom's full attention.

Then it was off to the hospital to make another one.  Labor and delivery went  smoothly and quickly.  Baby was anxious to join the world, and we could actually feel him kicking during the delivery itself.  At 5:28 AM on Sat, 9/29, our family unit increased in number by one third.

Many many people have been hounding us to give the baby a name with initials as auspicious as MVP (which to be clear, were a fortuitous accident), and baby, we delivered.  Meet Voldemort Imhotep P*******, who shall be known on this blog as VIP.

As is tradition in our family, VIP presented with some grunting, leading to a series of events that culminated in him being admitted to the NICU.  He is now being treated for pneumonia and a possible infection, but is doing very well.  He will be spending at least 8 days in the NICU, receiving top notch care and the world's most expensive baby sitting.  Though this is still officially a "surprise" (both times the odds of such an outcome were presented to us as less than 5%), we've learned to prepare to be in the 1% in all matters non-financial and we took it in stride.

He is currently on a course of antibiotics to treat what appears to be a lung infection he developed in-utero, and a touch of pneumonia.  He is also on a feeding tube because his difficulty breathing makes feeding a challenge.  He is having none of the digestion issues his brother had, so once the breathing clears up he should be able to breastfeed normally.

Unfortunately, that means MVP has not had a chance to meet his baby brother, though he has been excited to look at pictures.  And he was especially excited to receive a gift from his new baby brother:

Spoiler: It's a scooter.
Of course, you're really here for the pics, so here are a couple from earlier today.

And because we comply with the Federation of International Blogging Standards (FIBS) guidelines, which requires that all posts in Sep/Oct of 2012 contain at least one "Gangnam Style" reference:

Heeeeeey, sexy baby.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween II

Last year, we dressed MVP up and took pictures of him with pumpkins but let's be honest -- that was all for the benefit of the adults in his life.  Not so this year, as the run-up to halloween was full of activities that the MVP enjoyed thoroughly.

First, there was the pumpkin patch.

MVP on a real-live tractor.

Tormenting the boy.

All aboard the cow train!

MVP rides with mom in front.

Then we went to Auntie An's pumpkin carving party.

What little boy doesn't love pumpkin guts?
Then there was the imagination day parade at school. The kids chose their own costumes:

Boy, howdy!
Then we started working  on MVP's costume for Halloween night.

Step 1: Cut a hole in a box.

MVP finds the best angle for paint coverage.

Taking it for a test drive.

Yeah, this requires a bath.

 Fast forward to:

Right side view, hose retracted.

Right side view, hose extended with water.
Left side view. 
Ready to roll!

Let's go find some flaming pumpkins!
The boys are excited to hit the streets!

For the record, that's a rocket ship and an astronaut on the pumpkin.

Mom, Ba and Ong chaperone.

MVP's first ever "Trick or Treat"

Getting some candy! 
Lookie lookie what I got!

After the trick or treating, MVP had a great time handing out candy
I think it's safe to say the MVP enjoyed his second Halloween even more than the first, a trend likely to continue into the future.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Baby Vivandres Medley - MVP ABC 123

Long time since the last post so, to see who's still paying attention, here's an MVP medley.  

For transcripts of this program, please send $14 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to 123 ABC Way, Twinkle Star, CA 12349-10.

The very best thing in the world.

So we took MVP on vacation to Cape Cod.  We got some rain, but no hurricanes.  Not sure how MVP knew we were on vacation but he did.

Vacation hat c/o Jaya

Ah... Cape Cod beaches are not like the others.

I had such a lovely time at the Cape.  And where do you summer?

MVP took to Reena and Kranti like white on rice.
That's all for now.