Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014: The year blogging makes a comeback!

Has it really been nearly a year since our last blog post?  I'd like to say it was a strategic decision to withhold all the amazing, interesting goings on in our lives - in an effort to lure all of you to come visit us in person.  But 1) if it was true, then it was a really foolish strategy because the only visitors we've had are the local high school baseball team selling us an overpriced Christmas tree that they forgot to deliver and 2) Andres & I haven't had a single non-kid related conversation in a year so there would have been no time for us to do any plotting. 

And here you go - some random photos and thoughts...enjoy!

The brainwashing has worked; MVP is a Trojan for life.  Those USC gloves become a second skin.  The only reason he hasn't worn them recently is because the weather gods have deemed it summer time in Los Angeles.

I've been feeling pretty guilty about the lack of attention baby #2 gets.  I, mean, the most common question in our house is "Where's VIP"?  So this past weekend, we actually did an activity just for VIP.  The kid drums everything, which frequently involves a drumstick to my head, so I figure might as well take him to the motherload...he thoroughly enjoyed his 1st drum circle.  I really hope it's not his last.  We have every intention of taking him again.  But well, we also had every intention of keeping this blog updated in 2013...

And like the rest of America, MVP wants to know, What does fox say?

Until next time...

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