Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A very spooky MVP update

I haven't posted this yet because I was planning to write more.  But MVP has had a bad fever the last couple days and things are hectic, so I'm just going to post what I had so far and will follow up with some other cool stuff soon.

Halloween was a bit of  surreal day. Babies are supposed to do new things all the time, and they do.  But it comes in spurts.  So MVP has been crawling over other objects a lot and he's gotten quite good at it.  We have an end-table in the living room that has a cross-bar and MVP frequently climbs over it.   So that morning, he went chasing a ball at speed and took a shortcut through the end table and basically hurdled the cross-bar - arms went over, left leg went way up like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant, other leg went up and over.  Never slowed down, never touched the bar.

We've also come to realize that if MVP gets outdoor exercise, he sleeps well, and if he doesn't then he doesn't.  They actually realized this at school, and they hate rainy days because it means MVP isn't going to nap.  We've taken this to heart to excellent effect, and we basically hit two playgrounds per day on the weekends.  We went to the Huntington gardens this morning, and let Mateo climb some stairs.  And like I said, he's gotten very good at it so he climbed up like 6 steps, then we took him to the bottom and he did it again... that was like 12 steps!  Wowsa!

My first 12 step program

Flash forward a few hours to that evening, at the Old Town Pasadena Halloween event.   MVP got tired of watching the costumed passers-by, so we found some steps in the corner of one of the buildings.  It goes five steps, then a landing (so a total of 6 steps), then five more steps to the left, then another landing and so on.  We set MVP down at the bottom and I follow him up.  And up.  And up.  The metal steps are making a cool sound and he's slapping them harder than he needs to as he ascends. Second story.  He's laughing as he goes.  Third story.  The costumed people in the plaza below us are starting to look very small.  As we approach the roof door, a security guard checks on us, decides we are unlikely to pose a security threat, and leaves us alone.

In all, The MVP climbed 55 steps to get to the top of that building, and laughed while doing it.  Which means he is in better shape than I am.

Rounding the steps on the third floor

In other news we are up to 21 lbs and four teeth.   Now let's go back in time for some photos.  First, a few more Halloween pics from The Huntington and Old Town Pas.

Spooooooky Monkey

Atop a conquered set of steps


These so called "fountains" are the greatest things I've ever seen!  Why wasn't I informed?

Hey, is that a fountain?

We took MVP to his first USC football game two weeks ago.  As you might expect, he loved the band, and bopped up and down to the tune of Conquest.  He also brought his team good luck, as they absolutely crushed the Bears.

Taking in the smackdown

That's all for now.

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Sounds like you finally found that in-home trainer to whip you into shape!

Love the monkey behind bars picture!