Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my sanity

It may seem like we here at Baby Vivandres have cut back to holiday posts exclusively, but there is a very good reason.  It takes all the attention of two adults to keep up with our crazy son.  I don't mean he's a little crazy... I mean like full-on, no-common sense, one large fries short of a super-saver combo, Tom Cruise crazy.  Please see exhibit A and I trust you'll be a bit more sympathetic to our situation.

Exhibit A

Anyway, we made it down to Grandad and Abuelita's house for Thanksgiving and a wheat-free, dairy-free, garlic-free, onion-free, egg-free feast, as well as a memorial for my mom's brother who passed away not too long ago.  This gave us another one of those too-few opportunities to get MVP and his cousin together with their grandparents and snap some photos!

Here are some faves:

The cousins reconnected early with a cousinly hug.
"Say, Cousin.  You know what would make us look proportionally larger?"  "Gasp OMG I was thinking the same thing! Let's do it!"

"Let's tell everyone he's a Greyhound/Great Dane mix and they'll think we're HUUUUGE!"
What's up?  You wanna run with the big dogs?
Happy Grandparents
Welcome to my "Maison d'amour"... allow me to freshen your champagne.
Listen - nobody in this family can be trusted with knives.  We'd better take care of it.

Babies.... attack!
Up high is always the place to be.

And here's a bonus video of MVP redesigning our living room a few weeks ago.

The feng-shui was all wrong

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Familia said...

Wow, Mateo has grown quite a bit and more active since we last saw him in August!