Monday, November 16, 2009

Should I be worried?

Jemifus and I recently went to Italy for our babymoon. It was a fantastic trip but in retrospect, I don't think it's the ideal place to go when you're 7 months pregnant. The only thing to do in Rome and Florence is walk around all day. And only once did someone offer me a place to sit at a museum coffee shop. Otherwise I had to fend for myself, especially on the subway. I don't know what ENSV is talking about when she says everyone is soooo nice to you when you're pregnant. She said that people wanted to hold her bags for her, let her go first, etc. Yeah, I'm still waiting for that treatment. My husband often forgets to offer to help me carry things sometimes. Just the other day, we were walking from the car and I was carrying heavier items than him. Anyway, I digress.

So Jemifus and I are at the Rome airport, going through security to return back to the States. We are well-rested and have plenty of time before our flight boards. We're through security and putting on our shoes. Jemifus says to me "Where's my backpack?" Me: 'Uhhhh, why would I know where your backpack is?' This of course is the backpack with our fancy camera and some other important stuff. It turns out Jemifus never even put the backpack on the conveyor belt. Oy vey! We were lucky enough that security had just picked it up and we caught them in time before they shipped it off to the mysterious land of unclaimed suspicious bags.

So, should I be worried for baby DJ?

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Jemifus said...

I hope you are comforted by the fact that, at the time of this posting, TSA protocols do not require babies to pass through the conveyer at the airport.