Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Toilet Paper Diaries

Ok, first a video and a couple of pictures, and then I'm bringing the C*R*A*Z*Y.

The MVP really likes toilet paper.


Taste the rainbow, son.

As you can see, we don't bother with, you know, toys.  

Ok... and now for the crazy.  In what may be the last straw for us in condo living, the last few nights The MVP has been awakening frequently due to noise coming from the upstairs unit until 2AM each night. This unit is occupied by neighbors we'll call "Mr. Nice Guy" and his wife "Blondsamnida".  This issue has resulted in very poor sleep for The MVP and even poorer sleep for V-Train and me.  I sent Mr. Nice Guy a very friendly e-mail yesterday, suggesting that surely it wasn't their fault but sound carries so much and The MVP is such a light sleeper, would they mind being extra quiet after 10PM?  This is what I got in response:


I am very sorry.  I am going through a divorce with Blondsamnida.  She drinks and purposefully makes noise at night so I cannot sleep either.   I actually sleep on the floor in the master bathroom to avoid the noise myself. 

I will discuss this with Blondsamnida.  Please let me know if this continues.  My apologies.
Mr. Nice Guy

Not sure what we're supposed to do with that, but let's just say that resolution does not appear to be imminent.


Wendy Mihm said...

Ok, I thought the nanny thing was good, but this is just outstanding. Really. It's the sort of thing the blogosphere was intended to capture.

V Train said...

I know! Seriously we can't make this stuff up...