Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thanks to Cousin Bill

Since The MVP was born six months ago, he's definitely become the most popular member of our nuclear family, collecting the most compliments and the most gifts.  While we definitely appreciate it, we are not so great with timely thank you notes.  So anyway, Cousin Bill (aka The Ice Fisherman) sent The MVP a "Jump Around" t-shirt, in reference to The University of Wisconsin's 4th quarter tradition.  And while we definitely don't approve of that kind of early lobbying, surely a thank you card was in order and we blew it. 

The MVP has been BADGERing us to rectify the situation, so we finally let him record this brief thank-you message.   Cheers, Ice Fisherman Bill!


Unknown said...

Cool!!! MVPs daddy has got some skillz!

Wendy Mihm said...

MVP: This is exploitation. They are taking advantage of your cuteness and relative inability to fend for yourself. Do not take it, I say! DO NOT TAKE IT! Your pal, The Edge.