Sunday, September 05, 2010

August in Review: I *do* got time for the jibber-jabber.

If you're not reading this, I don't blame you.  One post a month is hardly worthy of sitting at your computer hitting the "refresh" button.  But August was an eventful month for the MVP.

Oak Knoll Swim Team - Post Race Debrief
Towards the end of July, he was just starting to get mobile with some tentative crawling. For most of August the MVP avoided crawling (though it was clear that he could do it), his favorite form of locomotion being a sit, lie, pivot, repeat combination that was astoundingly effective.  He's turned on the high-speed crawling in the last week, but he has also learned how to pull himself to a standing position and prefers to spend more time practicing that.  Since we're trying to sleep train him, the standing is a skill we could do without.

Over the last month, The MVP's babble has become increasingly entertaining.  It's especially entertaining when you put him in front of another baby and they talk or laugh back and forth.  His favorite babbling partners are Moochie, the other half of the Oak Knoll Swim Team, and "Angel Baby," a new friend from daycare.  Angel Baby is so named because while The MVP has stepped up his efforts in his "Only Child Campaign" to unprecedented levels, Angel Baby's every action seems designed to make his mom's life easier.  I wouldn't be surprised if he runs the vacuum after he eats in the unlikely event that he's inadvertently dropped any bits of food to the ground.

"Um, MVP?  Can you let me know when you're done with that so I can return it to it's proper place on the shelf?  I'd hate for our play to inconvenience any of the adults."

In other good news, he's now full time in daycare and he LOVES it.  The other babies cry when their parents drop them off, but not him.  He gets very excited when we go anywhere, but especially the daycare, which is full of two of his favorite things: babies and musical instruments.

Snagged this from a passing reindeer.

Yes, the MVP loves music.  As you'll see at the end of the video below, when he hears music he bobs up and down roughly to the beat.  He does it often - at home and away, with the radio, songs we sing, or to any beat.  I'm pretty sure he gets his rhythm from his dad.

Another favorite thing he discovered when he he visited his cousin Lias in San Diego.  Lias has a dog, and MVP lunged for the dog every chance he got.

When I grow up, I want to be either a rock star or a dog catcher.
Cousins at Play
 And his feeding has amped up.  His favorites are still fruits like nectarines and mangos, but he sure as heck won't turn away a good chicken bone.

Hey Auntie An - Are we doing your next birthday at medieval times or what? 

August in Review - Jibber Jabber and Dancing


Unknown said...

The second one is always an "Angel Baby"...

Unknown said...

Dang... he's straight medieval when it comes to eating chicken!

lattelieu said...

Gnawin' the bone...that's where all the flavor is. Teach em when their young. Too cute!