Thursday, March 25, 2010

All the fellas in the house throw your hands up

The MVP recently figured out where his hands were (for purposes besides blogging, I mean).  Since that time, the activity mat Uncle Spike gave him has become one of his favorite places to chill.

He has also discovered hats which, as you can see, he really likes.  Probably because they cover his receding hairline.

Extra, Extra! Senate health care bill clears house! Read all about it, mister!

Lots of other stuff to cover, including a visit from his Great Aunt and Great Uncle from cheeseheadland, the first meeting of his TrueBlood-Cousin and a very special family heirloom.  Also, MVP has been holed up for days, presumably hammering away on part two of his mystery serial.   But all that will have to wait because, well, spare time is in short supply.

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Unknown said...

I don't think he likes that giraffe. He keeps trying to move it out of the way and then about 5 seconds to go in the video he sighs in almost a sad resignation that it just isn't going away...