Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking it off

I suspect the MVP was a little overdue for his first haircut, and we finally scheduled one for last weekend.  V-Train was pretty broken up about the idea, as the MVP is already more boy than baby and we suspected that a "clean cut" look would add to the effect.  We wanted to document his shagginess for posterity, and generally agree we've been lax on the pictures lately, so we headed out to The Huntington Gardens to let the MVP play while we snapped a few shots.  And, if I may say so, we got a ton of great ones.  Here are a handful of my favorites:

The next day, we headed out to Los Feliz for the mulletectomy.

V-Train gets one last look at the beloved locks. 

The place we went was attached to a toy store, so we waited inside while they finished with the previous victim.  There were bloodcurdling screams coming from inside the haircut room (seriously), so a very nervous MVP sought comfort where he could.  

Yes, he was really kissing the bunny.  He loves bunnies, and he kept roaming the store and returning to the bunny so he could kiss it again.  "Nunny!" he exclaimed over and over.  Finally it was his turn and his stylist, Nona, had him sit in his mom's lap in the haircut chair.  The MVP is not known far and wide for his patience or his ability to sit still.  He is known for straining against the straps of his booster seat every single night when he feels he's done eating, even though they have not once given way, so I wouldn't say we were brimming with optimism about how he'd handle the haircut.

He made fools of us all -- fools, I say!  He handled it like a champ.  Or an MVP, if you will.   We celebrated by eating at a nearby restaurant.  This was literally the very first time we've eaten a meal with the MVP at a restaurant outside of Pasadena.  Another milestone.

The MVP seems happy with his new look... probably because he'll be carded less often.
The MVP really wanted to swim with the fishes, emboldened by his newly aquadynamic head.


Familia said...

Mateo, you look great with the hair cut. Oliver's Tia Carmen and mother had cut his hair two, three times already. Hope to see you on Sunday.

Dave Pease said...

holy smokes. that is some hair on mvp's hairdresser