Sunday, May 08, 2011

What a difference a year makes

Last Mother's Day, all I wanted was a break.  I was exhausted; the sleepless days and nights were killing me.  In retrospect, MVP's terrible sleep was probably caused by his food allergies that we weren't aware of yet.  Poor kid.

Anyhow so this year, I am more than happy to spend Mother's Day with my little munchkin.  Yes, MVP's sleep has dramatically improved.  But it's beyond that, this kid is CUTE!  And I'm being totally objective, of course.

"Cute?  Come on, would you call James Bond cute?"

Recently, MVP has really come into his personality which is quite sunny (when he's not angry - I'll let Dad address the temper in a separate post).

He's developed a toothy grin.  He especially likes to stare at you when you're not looking at him so that you are pleasantly surprised when you look his way and see the grin.  He'll also flash it when you ask him to show you his "dientes" aka "teeth."

My boys

He loves any form of peekaboo and has expanded that to include hide 'n' seek.  His favorite hiding spot is in the master closet.  He has absolutely no patience, except when he's standing in our closet holding his Dad's pant leg over his face.  He can stand in silence for minutes at a time!

And he continues to surprise us on a daily basis.  This week, he reminded us that he does pay attention when we are talking to him, albeit selectively.  I often do a countdown in Vietnamese to give MVP warning when something's going to happen.  The other night I was getting ready to pick him up, so I counted "mot," "hai"....and before I knew it, MVP said "ba!"  We couldn't believe that MVP finished the countdown, so Dad tries it out.."Uno", "dos"...and sure enough, MVP exclaims "tres!'

He's also taking to water like... well, a duck to water.

So this Mother's Day, I look forward to spending time with MVP and eagerly await my next surprise.


Familia said...

Mateo, very glad to see you again; you are looking great! We will be visiting your best friend, Oliver, in two weeks, so we will be seeing you soon!

Wendy Mihm said...

WOO HOO! Congratulations, Mama! It sounds like you're exiting The Weeds at last. Whew!