Thursday, December 24, 2009

Advance to Boardwalk

Here's a pic from yesterday (Tuesday), when the MVP was moved into an open crib for the first time, and had his IV removed.  You can see that they kept the incubator right next to it in case they have to move him back.  It's still there.  They're continuing to monitor his temperature and weight to ensure neither drops.

So far, so good, and The MVP is at 6lbs, 9.5oz tonight -- comfortably past his birth weight.

We had a false alarm yesterday... The docs thought they might discharge The MVP today. We frantically started making our final preps, and called in my folks from San Diego.  However, he had some trouble eating last night and they ended up having to use the feeding tube.  Since we don't have one of those at home, they'll need to see a couple days of good eating, which effectively ends any notion of a pre-Christmas homecoming.

Today, however, The MVP seems newly determined.  He's as alert as we've ever seen him.  And though the nurses decided to leave his feeding tube in today, like Cortes scuttling his ships in after landing in Veracruz, The MVP let us all know he had no intention of retreating by ripping out his feeding tube for what we hope will be the final time.

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