Saturday, December 12, 2009

We Are Being Watched

The MVP had a new nurse at the ICU today.  This is not unusual -- he's now been there for six nursing shifts and has had five different nurses with only one repeat.  Anyway, after talking with us for a few minutes this new nurse says "Wow, you guys really are nice, just like it said in the report."  This was both flattering and extremely disturbing.  Apparently, they do track parents demeanor because it helps the next nurse interact with the the parents more productively.  I have noticed that they've started being more free with information lately, and I can't help but wonder if there's a sentence in a report that says "parents are extremely persistent -- nurses are advised to provide detailed information immediately when asked to so that they may tend to other responsibilities unmolested."

In other news, they upped his feedings today to 15ccs from 10 yesterday.  He took the full 15 from the bottle, and did it much better and quicker than we've seen in previous feedings -- this is definite progress, since his feeding style has been described as "disorganized".

The MVP takes most of his feedings like this, which is the baby equivalent of having grapes placed in your mouth while you lay on the beach.

He was also moved to an incubator, which is nice for him because it's a little quieter and a little better protected from the lights and drafts in the room.  The big milestone will come when he's moved to an open crib, which will happen when he doesn't need external temperature control.

The MVP's fancy new home as of yesterday evening.  It's like Park Place...

...but this is Boardwalk.

They also think he's looking a little jaundiced.  To test this, they took what seemed like a half gallon of blood out of his heel, but he managed not to cry at all, probably just to spite the nurse who said "I don't want to lie to you... he's definitely going to cry on this one.   Here are some pictures from yesterday.  Didn't get many today but he's looking good.

Getting some quality time with Mom.



Unknown said...

so precious!

Wendy Mihm said...

He is gorgeous and looks hearty for such a little guy. We are so happy and relieved!