Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The many faces of The MVP

Quick update with some photos, though I've got some more to talk about later - maybe tonight.  I should find some wood to knock on, but the 15ccs are going well so far.  We're heading back to the hospital now for an appointment with the therapist, and there is a chance, a chance, that they may have upped him again.

Today is the MVP's one-week birthday, and I'm completely amazed that every day brings new things.  He now has an entire range of facial expressions that did not exist three days ago.  Here are some pictures from the last 24 hours that aptly demonstrate this fact:

I previously mentioned that one key "milestone" is that he needs to attack the nipple with gusto. Progress?

Recognizing the Trojan "victory" symbol is an extra milestone that V-Train decided to add to the list.

The "farting" face that V-Train mentioned yesterday.  We knew you weren't crazy, V!

The Thinker, for those reflective moments.

What?  WHAT.

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