Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Sucker's Born Every Minute

Sorry we haven't blogged in a few days. Besides Jemifus resuming work this past week, our routine also got a little more complex recently, in a good way. The doctor gave me the thumbs up to begin nursing twice a day! At the risk of TMI again, MVP latched on like a pro the first time. Our therapist gave MVP rave reviews for his performance. Now that was Friday afternoon with plenty of expert assistance. I've been sans therapist this weekend and have had mixed results. Jemifus has been a fabulous partner in crime but even with both of us prodding and poking MVP, we still have had a pretty tough time keeping him awake during the nursings. The best is when he falls into a deep sleep during the nursing but is eyes wide open when he's put back into his incubator. The nurse called him naughty today! So needless to say, I'm looking forward to Monday when the therapist is back in the building. But it's still been an awesome experience so far and we are very excited about this new development. Also other exciting news, MVP is up to 28 CCs and our nurse told us she was going to recommend to the doctor that the volume go up tomorrow. (Can't remember if we've mentioned this or not before, but the doctor told us a few days ago that MVP would need to be at 60 CCs plus a couple other milestones before he'd be able to come home).

Because I'm a shy bird, there are no photos to accompany this blog post. However instead, I'll post a couple of favorites of my boys.

Jemifus couldn't decide if my nursing post should be titled "A Sucker's Born Every Minute" or "Suck Like a Champion." I thought that "Suck Like a Champion" would only reach a narrow target audience and therefore decided to use something I thought would appeal to a broader audience. Thoughts?

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Finally.... more pics of the little munchkin, please! I hope he comes home soon.